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Please Read!

Post by NeoFoxTrot on Wed 06 Jul 2016, 7:54 am

Hello and welcome to R/GO!  There are only a few rules for these forums, but it's important to understand them before posting.

1.  Be polite.  I know this seems like an obvious rule, but it needs to be said all the same.  If you can't help yourself from acting like an ass, you probably shouldn't bother posting here.  If you have an issue with what someone else is saying, let me know and I or a moderator will handle it.

2.  Be open and considerate.  At no time will any intolerance be accepted.  This community is intended to be open and welcoming to a wide variety of people.  This includes no discrimination based on sexual orientation, political preference, or religious affiliation.  At this time, I do not plan on banning any of these conversations from occurring (in the right context and in the right section of the forum, of course).  If you are unsure on whether to broach a certain topic, let me or a moderator know and we will discuss it further.

3.  Be you.  Unless that means you are breaking one of the above rules, of course.  We want everyone to have a voice here.  If you have different gaming tastes than someone else, please don't be afraid to share them.  Your post might be all the incentive a lurker needs to register here and start talking about your favorite game.

Have fun!

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